Take this quick 7 questions quiz to see how much (and where) you are “Shoulding” on yourself.

Being raised in a conservative christian religion (LDS/Mormon), there was a pretty clear path of what my life SHOULD look like and for the most part I liked that plan. Graduate high school, go to college, marry a man of faith, have kids, be a stay at home mom, and everything will work out. I leaned into the plan but then… 

My faithful man told me he was into porn right before we got married. I found out I have fertility issues and struggled to get pregnant. Then my husband came out to me as gay and left me for a man. Definitely not what this Mormon Girls’ life “should” look like… But here is the deal, I realized I was shoulding all over myself and allowing religion, society, and others to should all over me as well and it was keeping me stuck. 

So you know what I did? I stopped “shoulding” on myself. I threw out the shoulds and started taking BOLD action. I found clarity, peace, and joy in a life that “should” have been filled with disappointment, bitterness and anger.

Do you know how much you are shoulding on yourself?! My guess is it is more than you realize… Here is a quick 7 question quiz to help you determine how much you are shoulding. Write down your score as you go (just like those magazine quizzes you used to do as a teen) and total up your score at the end.

Should Score:

Remember those quizzes you took in magazines as a teen? This is basically like that except for adults! And gets you answers that are actually helpful and applicable to your life.

Enter your name and email below then answer the 7 questions with a 1 (Rarely) 3 (Sometimes) 5 (Regularly) to determine where and how much you are “shoulding” on yourself