Work with Jess

YOU are a BOLD Unicorn, even if you don’t know it yet.

And you’re in the right, safe place to begin your healing journey.

There are targeted and graduated ways to work with me, so let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Just a note… you are free to work with me in whatever way makes the most sense for you — timewise, resources-wise, and where you’re at emotionally and spiritually. Much of that can be covered by talking with me first.

Which brings me to the best way to get to know me, and for me to get to know you.

Book a BOLD call with me now. It’s free!

Let’s get acquainted to see where you’re at and how I can help you. You can tell me your entire story, and know that I’ve not only walked a mile in your shoes… I’ve hiked the whole darn highway!

You don’t have to “edit” your feelings or what you’re going through during our private convo. Talking with me is free, safe and 100% confidential.

Wherever you’re at, I’ve got you. Promise.

After our call, you’ll probably want to begin with my FREE “What Now?” Workshop.

In this program, you will learn (and unlearn) ways of being so you can be the best version of YOU after an intimate partner betrayal. You’ll kick all the “shoulds” being thrown on you in the arse and find community, clarity and greater peace.

Demand is so high for this workshop, it’s only offered 2x a year!

Be sure and get on the waitlist NOW so that when registration opens up again, you won’t miss out.

After you’ve “graduated” from the “What Now?” Workshop, you’ll want to take your joy, self-awareness, and bada$$ery to the next level with the VIP Workshop! During this event, you’ll push yourself way beyond your comfort zones to experience a level of freedom unlike anything you’ve ever known before.

Now, if you’re ready to scale to Himalayan-type heights, you’ll want to join our BOLDly You Intensive!

This is the one. The 6-month workshop where you:

Kick fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs in the rear

Embrace radical self-love

Help your kids heal and find their confidence

Get control of your financial destiny

Attract a safe, loving partner you can trust

Reclaim your POWER

This program enables you to do the hard inner work in a community of women who know exactly what you’re going through.

It will literally transform the 💩 that hit the fan in your life, and turn it into fertilizer for the most amazing garden you’ve ever seen.

The next BOLDly You Intensive starts the  spring of 2024, so register here early

to get on the list before it sells out!

And for the woman who wants to supercharge her growth to work with Jessica 1:1 in a special, invitation-only year long coaching immersion program…

You can apply to participate in Jessica’s BOLDly You VIP. You must have completed the “What Now?” workshop at the very least to qualify for this program. Only a few women will be hand selected by Jessica for this privilege, so just bear that in mind.

With BOLDly You VIP membership, you get a chance to attend all BOLDly You Events, attend group and private coaching sessions with Jessica, take advantage of expert masterclasses, and much more.

Apply to work with Jessica 1:1

Okay, so… we’ve talked about workshops… but what about retreats?

We’ve got that covered, too!

Introducing the BOLDly You Retreat, held right here in beautiful downtown Boise, Idaho.

During this long weekend excursion, you will enjoy:

4 nights of premium accommodations at a boutique hotel

Group coaching with Jessica

Breakout sessions with experts in their field

60-minute relaxing & rejuvenating massage

Gourmet meals you’ll love included (breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks & dinner!)

Swag bag of goodies

Awesome surprise bonuses

Our next retreat is coming up SOON so get on the waitlist now!